Suntory is jumping on the environmental bandwagon, according to local reports.

The Japanese brewer and distiller is planning to reduce carbon dioxide emissions at it mineral water and whisky production sites in Hokuto, Yamanashi Prefecture, Asia Pulse reports today (24 April). Suntory is aiming to cut emissions this year by around 10% on 2006 through the introduction of energy-efficient production equipment and a review of its operational methods.

While an electric refrigerator will replace the steam-powered refrigeration system at the water plant, a liquefied natural gas boiler will be brought in to the distillery site in place of a boiler currently powered by heavy oil and liquefied petroleum gas. Both changes are due to be introduced within the next month, the press service noted.

Last year, combined carbon dioxide emissions at the two plants was equal to around 25,600 tons, Asia Pulse noted.

Earlier this year, Suntory posted a 21% climb in operating profit for 2006, to JPY77.9bn (US$643m), on the back of a 2.9% lift in sales to JPY1.4 trillion.