The Sunny Delight Beverages Company (SDBC) is relaunching its Sunny D Florida Original orange drink in the UK.

The updated version will contain 12% less sugar than the current version, the company said today (23 July). With 7.4 grams of sugar per 100ml, the drink will be the only soft drink in the children's non-CSD category to qualify for an amber traffic light in the consumer advisory system.

"Our aim is to offer mums a choice," said Paul Nicholls, Sunny D's commercial manager for the UK. "The new product gives them a drink their kids will like and they have the reassurance that Sunny D now has the lowest level of sugar in the category."

The relaunch will be supported with a PR campaign in national, regional and women's press based on the creative campaign platform of '12 things all children should do before they are 12 years old'. Sunny D will be offering visitors to their website the chance to win one of twelve experiences.

The brand is due an extensive brand re-launch next year, the company noted.

SDBC is owned by JW Childs, an investment group which bought the Sunny D brand from P&G in 2004.