Sun Interbrew, which currently owns breweries in Russia and Ukraine has raised its sales to 230m litres of beer and soft drinks in the first quarter of 2001, an increase of 30m litres for the same period the previous year.

Sun Interbrew said in a press release that in January-March the company sold Euro60.8m (US$52.3m) worth of products versus the Euro$3.6m in the same period of the previous year. Its net losses fell from Euro2.4m last first quarter to Euro0.7m for the 2001 first quarter.

The press release continued: "The first quarter indicators are encouraging and the company hopes to increase sales in connection with the approaching summer season.

"Sun Interbrew thinks that this is will be a successful year also because of increased production capacity at its brewery in Klin and will provide active marketing support to the Klinskoye brand."

Sun Interbrew was founded by Interbrew and Sun Brewing to cover the Russian and Ukraine markets and currently commands 22% of the Russian market and more than 20% of Ukraine markets.