Strike action planned by staff at one of Scotland's most famous whisky companies, Chivas Brothers is due to start this week.

Around 300 workers will make a series of one-day strikes starting on Friday as well as an overtime ban after a dispute over pay.

"From a management perspective they will continue to talk to employees and their representatives to try and find a quick resolution to the problem," said Sue Taylor, spokesperson for Seagram.

"Our workforce is already paid significantly above the rest of the Scotch whisky industry and management is absolutely committed to maintaining the investment and training of their people.

"But they (the management) have to strike the right balance and the market place is pretty fierce but hopefully something can be agreed and a resolution found," she added.

When asked about the effects the strike action could have on pre-Christmas production Taylor said she did not want to predict any impact, the action might have. "It is the intention of management to reach an agreement," she added.