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Straight Up Drinks' Rotweisser

Category - Spirits, liqueur, infused with absinthe, 30% abv

Available - From this month

Location - UK, on-trade only, set to launch in Australis in 1 NMay

Price - RRP of GBP14.99 (US$23.80) per bottle in the UK

Distribution - Straight Up Drinks

Rotweisser was initially created by the Inga family in Italy during World War II for German officers who had commandeered the family residence. The herbal liqueur is infused with absinthe, and was designed to appeal to the officers' tastes.

The family has started up production of Rotweisser, which had not previously been available commercially.

The brand joins Duomo Sambuca and Lorenzo Inga-branded products in Straight Up Drink's UK distribution portfolio.