Allied Domecq Spirits, North America and Stolichnaya vodka have announced the launch of the vodka's first-ever television marketing campaign. Complementing the recently-unveiled multi-million dollar "Frozen" print advertising program, the new Stoli television campaign will include product integration and commercials that will first be seen on cable network Spike TV.

Created by the New York office of Publicis Worldwide, AD's advertising agency of record, the new television spot, called "Frozen Neighbours," depicts the effects a totally frozen apartment has on the neighbours of the surrounding flats. The man who lives upstairs puts his feet on the floor and is surprised to find that it is coated with a layer of ice. A neighbour on the other side discovers that the contents of her bathroom cabinet are frozen solid, while the man in the apartment below is shown on a stepladder, fiddling with icicles on a ceiling fixture. The spot ends by cutting to the Stoli apartment, which is completely and utterly frozen. The tag line is, "Stoli Genuine Russian Vodka:  Best Chilled."

"Stoli vodka's 'Frozen' print, radio and television advertising, as well as our point-of-sale and on-premise promotions, are all crafted to deliver our core consumer proposition - that Stoli vodka is best enjoyed ice cold," said Simon Hunt, executive vice-president of marketing for Allied Domecq Spirits, North America.

The Stoli television spot will first be seen on Spike TV's new reality show "The Club" beginning in December which airs at 9 pm on Wednesdays. The show will also feature another first for the iconic vodka brand in the form of television integration. In a step beyond product placement, Stoli vodka will actually be integrated into a January episode storyline, having the onscreen characters interact with the brand.

"The key to Allied Domecq's product integration is making it feel organic, not forcing it on the viewers, thus turning them off," said Chris Monaco, director of entertainment marketing at AD North America. "With a brand as well-known as Stoli vodka, we want to simply reinforce our key communications points and consumer proposition.  'The Club' is a natural choice for achieving this, given its upscale, high-energy setting."