The Stolichnaya brand has been extended to include a blackberry flavour. Stoli Blakberi was launched in May in the US market.

The launch of Stoli Blakberi will be supported by a multi-million dollar marketing campaign including TVC and digital advertising. Animation agency PSYOP, responsible for the Coke Happiness Factory advertising, has developed the animation of the Blakberi advert.

Stoli has also commissioned Gabriel Prokofiev, grandson of Sergei Prokofiev, the world famous Soviet composer of 'Romeo & Juliet', to create an exclusive soundtrack which blends Russian choir music with modern beats.

In addition, the new flavour showcases a packaging redesign that can be seen across the Stolichnaya range.  Devised by Claessens, the new look is an evolution of the existing packaging, premiumising and contemporising the look of the bottles. The product names have been made clearer, the fruit imagery has been augmented and finishing touches such as gold embossing have been added to the label.

Cairbry Hill, global brand ambassador for Stolichnaya, said: "Stoli Blakberri is incredibly versatile. Traditionally you would associate this flavour with a wide range of foods, from jams to ice creams and desserts. This means that it shows the same wide range of applications when it comes to drinks making."

Vincent Gillet, global brand director, said: "Stolichnaya has a strong heritage as the pioneering Russian vodka, with the development of Pertsovka (pepper flavour), created for the Soviet premier Nikita Khruskev in 1962 and was the first brand to export commercially produced flavoured vodka in the 1970s. Since then, Stolichnaya has continued to lead the way with flavour launches and has created a consistent stream of flavours with the latest being Stoli Blakberi. In response to research with both consumers and the on-trade, we believe that we have created a flavour that the industry has been waiting for."