GlaxoSmithKline has increased the Lucozade Sport brand's association with football by airing a new UK TV advertising campaign featuring Liverpool footballer Steven Gerrard. The 30-second ad entitled 'Engine' began airing on sports channels from 12 February and will be rolled out on network TV later in the year.

The ad focuses on Gerrard, fuelled by Lucozade Sport, as he powers up and down the football pitch displaying all the characteristics of a typical 'midfield engine'.
When Gerrard is passed the ball he becomes a combination of footballer and machine. As the transformation takes place, the sounds of the game are replaced by the noise of a powerful engine.  As he takes the ball on his chest, shock absorbers appear on his chest reducing the impact. As he drives the ball up-field, other parts of his body begin to morph into an engine. Pistons pump in his chest and his legs become springs - coiling and releasing as they motor Gerrard toward the goal.

The ad signs off with the strapline - 'Lucozade Sport - for the midfield engine. Are you Ready?'

John Whitfield, brand manager, Lucozade Sport, said: "As the football season heats up and consumers settle in to watch the upcoming matches at home and in other venues, this is an ideal time to raise awareness around the brand. Gerrard is renowned for his role as 'midfield engine', at both club and at the highest level, so this imaginative and aspirational ad is really set to capture the attention of consumers.

"With energy drinks currently exhibiting the fastest growth (+ 5.6% year-on-year) within the cold drinks category and football continuing to be the most watched and played sport in the country, this is a real opportunity to attract new consumers to the brand."