Interbrew is to launch Stella Artois in a PET bottle in the UK on-trade, the company said today, in response to the possible imposition of a glass ban by local authorities.

The new arrival replicates the look, feel and size of the current 330ml glass bottle for the brand.
Mike Lees, managing director of Tennent Caledonian Breweries, said: "Stella Artois is the most popular premium lager brand - so there is a need to make it available in every format that is available including PET.

"This is particularly important now, at a time when a growing number of local authorities are imposing restrictions on the use of glass in licensed premises.

"It will also help to increase the availability of the brand at key events such as outdoor festivals and sporting occasions where the use of glass packaging is limited by the nature of the outdoor location."   

Lees added: "Our research shows that glass wins over plastic every time. However, if the choice is between a plastic pint pot or a plastic bottle, consumers overwhelmingly prefer the latter option."

The bottle is available in a 24-bottle carton and will be available from March 1st.