Interbrew UK has announced a GBP1m press advertising campaign for its Stella Artois Live Film promotion. The summer drive features three ads mixing everyday scenes with well-known characters and scenes from classic films.

Each execution portrays a typically English scene which has been "invaded" by characters, props and scenarios from well-known films. Each of the three executions, Town, Park and Beach, features more than 18 film references of varying degrees of subtlety.

For example, Town is a picture of a typical street scene but incorporates images including three Minis (from The Italian Job), an American cab (from Taxi Driver) and three bowler hat-wearing "droogs" (from A Clockwork Orange).

The ads will run in national press colour supplements from the last week of June and will also appear in the August issues of style and film magazines.

The campaign will target weekend magazines of national newspapers including The Guardian, Observer OM Magazine, The Times Magazine, The Sunday Times Culture Magazine, The Independent on Sunday and ES Metro Life.

It will also run in magazines including Vanity Fair, Red, Marie Claire, Elle, GQ, Arena and Esquire and film magazines including Empire, Total Film and Word.

The biggest through-the-line promotion in the brand's history, Live Film offers film-related prizes worth over GBP20m. The top prize is a holiday for ten winners, along with a partner, to see the 1962 film The Birdman of Alcatraz on Alcatraz, as part of a week's holiday to San Francisco.