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Click through to view Starbucks Refreshers

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Starbucks Refreshers 

Category - Soft drinks, CSD, energy 

Available - From April

Location - US, grocers, convenience stores, Starbucks stores 

Price - US$1.99 per a 12oz, 60-calorie can 

Announced at Starbucks' annual meeting in Seattle on Wednesday (March 21), this new line of fruit-flavoured carbonated drinks will be high in antioxidants. Unroasted, green coffee extract is being used for the energy boost, but it is understood there is no coffee taste. Flavours will include raspberry pomegranate to strawberry lemonade. 

The range is expected to be on sale in 160,000 grocery stores in the US by late-April. By July, made-to-order versions will be available at Starbucks own outlets.