Starbucks Coffee Company and PepsiCo joint-venture partnership the North American Coffee Partnership has signed a distribution agreement with Starbucks-owned Ethos Water.

The deal applies to distribution of Ethos to retail stores in the US and Canada, and the companies are giving a US$0.05 donation per bottle sold towards helping children and their communities around the world get clean drinking water.

The partnership will be responsible for the co-packing, distribution and marketing of Ethos products in the US and Canada, utilising PepsiCo's resources and Starbucks' retail store environment. Ethos water is already available at more than 5,000 Starbucks stores and several smaller local retailers in the US.

Starbucks global consumer products president Gerry Lopez said: "Building upon our very successful and long-term partnership with PepsiCo, we will ultimately increase Ethos Water's reach to more than 100,000 points of distribution, helping raise awareness of the brand and the severity of the world water crisis."

Ethos Water, founded in 2002 and acquired by Starbucks in April 2005, has granted more than US$2m to clean water-related programs in Honduras, India, Bangladesh, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya and Indonesia.

"We're impressed by Ethos Water's commitment to educating the public about the world water crisis and providing clean water for children and their communities which perfectly complements our company's values," said Tracey Doucette, vice president and general manager of the North American Coffee Partnership.