Starbucks has opened two new outlets in Turkey. Starbucks Coffee International, a wholly- owned subsidiary of Starbucks Coffee Company, and its Turkish licensee, Shaya Kahve Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S., last week announced the opening of the first two Starbucks retail locations in Ankara.

The Starbucks stores are located at Arjantin Street and in Armada Shopping Mall.

In a statement, Isik Kececi Asur, general manager, Shaya Kahve Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S., said: "We are very proud to bring the Starbucks Experience to our customers in Ankara, which is a natural home for Starbucks. With its existing vibrant coffee culture, I am confident the Starbucks Experience will be an immediate hit with the local coffee community.

"Since opening our first Starbucks store in Istanbul last year, we believe that the Starbucks brand has gained considerable recognition among Turkish consumers," said Asur. "While we are still in the infancy of Starbucks growth in Turkey, we have been pleased by the strong affinity for the brand. We are very enthusiastic about the growth opportunities for Starbucks in Turkey."

There are now 12 Starbucks retail locations throughout Istanbul.

"The early and rapid acceptance of the Starbucks brand in Istanbul has greatly inspired us," said Howard Schultz, chairman, Starbucks Coffee Company. "Building on the momentum we have achieved in Istanbul, we are very optimistic that our acceptance in Ankara will be no different. We look forward to bringing Starbucks not only to the current base of loyal customers in Istanbul and Ankara, but also to other cities in Turkey."

In recognition of the long-standing coffee drinking culture in Turkey, Starbucks will offer Turkish style coffee in Ankara, as it does in Istanbul. "Starbucks Turkish style coffee is served exclusively in Turkey to celebrate the local coffee culture," said Asur. "Our Turkish customers have been very enthusiastic about our Turkish style coffee as well as the other Starbucks beverage offerings."