Starbucks Coffee and Dong Suh Foods have co-launched a new chilled ready-to-drink coffee in South Korea.

Starbucks has confirmed that the coffee, named Starbucks Discoveries, will initially be offered in two flavours, Seattle Latte and Milano Espresso and will be on sale in supermarkets from today (9 May) nationwide.

The drink was developed specifically for the South Korean market and is made fresh and kept refrigerated, with a short, 14-day shelf life, one of the shortest on the market today, according to the company.

Starbucks said that the Seattle Latte was named after the birthplace of Starbucks and its other new brand, the Milano Espresso, is named after the Italian city which originally inspired the Starbucks coffee chain.

Starbucks president and CEO Jim Donald said: "When I think back to the opening of the first Starbucks stores in Korea in 1999, I realised how fortunate we are to have been welcomed and embraced by customers in South Korea who are interested in discovering the unique Starbucks Experience."

Starbucks and Dong Suh Foods originally formed a relationship in 2005 offering Korean coffee lovers new drinks. The first products to be introduced to consumers in South Korea were Starbucks bottled Frappuccino and Starbucks DoubleShot espresso.

Dong Suh Food's president and CEO Lee Chang-hwan said: "As a leader in the coffee market, we will put all our efforts to further develop more coffee products to meet the needs and expectations of Korean customers through our relationship with Starbucks."