Starbucks is launching a new line of rare coffees, to be marketed as the Starbucks Limited Reserve range, in the US.

Each range will include one coffee from Latin America, one from Africa/Arabia and one from Asia Pacific, with a 10oz bag selling for around US$9.99.

The first range of rare coffees, comprising a Colombian blend called Coupage del Sol, another blend from Africa's Rift Valley in Central Africa and a full-flavoured coffee from Papua New Guinea, will be available nationwide in stores where Starbucks sells packaged coffees and foods, through the autumn and winter.

"For the last ten years, Starbucks has provided consumers who buy their coffee with their other groceries a chance to experience a great cup of Starbucks coffee at home," said Gerry Lopez, president of Starbucks Global Consumer Products Group. "The Starbucks Limited Reserve line will elevate the at-home coffee experience even more."

Starbucks plans to change the Limited Reserve line-up about every three months.

The company is also adding two mild coffees to its packaged range this autumn, the Daily Horizons Blend and the Half Caffeinated Breakfast Blend.

In a further new product innovation, Starbucks is rolling out a line of dark chocolate bottled Frappuccino coffee drinks. The first of these, Starbucks Dark Chocolate Peppermint Mocha, will be available for a limited period from this autumn through to the holiday season.