Wine labelled with a photo of Joseph Stalin has been pulled from Canadian shelves following complaints from the Ukrainian community. The sherry and port from the Massandra winery in Ukraine featured a photo of Stalin with President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill at the Yalta Conference, held in a castle near the winery 60 years ago this month.

"I don't want Stalin to be forgotten. I want him to be remembered for exactly what he was: a genocidal mass murderer," said Lubomyr Luciuk of the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

"I don't think anyone in Canada would welcome a Hitler Riesling or a Stalin sherry or a Pol Pot port or a Mao Tse-tung merlot," Luciuk said.

About 3% of Canadians, or more than 1m people, identify themselves as ethnic Ukrainians in census surveys. About 40,000 Ukrainian political refugees moved to Canada after World War Two, Luciuk said.