French spirits makers in tourism push

French spirits makers in tourism push

French spirits producers from Cognac to Calvados have joined forces to promote tourism in their sector via a new website.

The French Spirits Federation (FFS) has this week launched in an effort to encourage more consumers to visit distilleries and producers across the country.

The initiative has been inspired by the French wine sector's strategy to promote wine tourism as a way of generating extra revenue and educating consumers about France's maze of wine regions.

Around 74m tourists visited France in 2009, according to FFS.

"'Spiritourisme' brings together tourism, culture, heritage and the hotel industry," said FFS. It added that the initiative will open up "the immense heritage of French spirits".

The FFS has signed up 70 distilleries and firms across France and its overseas territories to take part in the tourism push, from big names such as Courvoisier and Remy Cointreau to boutique producers.

Last week, the FFS ruling council renewed the one-year mandate of its president, Jean-Pierre Lacarrière, who took on the role in July last year.