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Spirit Imports' South Bay Rum

Category - Spirits, rum, Dominican Republic, 40% abv

Available - Since this week

Location - US, initially in New York, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Texas

Price - RRP of US$27.99 per 75cl bottle

Distribution - Imported by Spirit Imports of Sunrise, FL. Distribution varies by state

Spirit Imports has launched South Bay Rum in the US. The rum, which is produced according to the Solera method in the Dominican Republic, is initially available in four states, ahead of a national roll-out throughout this year.

The casks used to age the rum formerly held Bourbon, Sherry, Port or single malt Scotch whisky.

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South Bay Rum, one of the world’s most exceptional distilled spirits, launched today in the United States. Handcrafted in the Dominican Republic from molasses, South Bay Rum is rich in aroma, delicious in flavor and deep in color.

Initially available in New York, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Texas, South Bay Rum (SRP: $27.99 750ml) is blended to perfection in time-honored Cuban style, under the careful supervision of Ron Maestro Pedro Ramon Lopez Oliver, one of the world’s most renowned Rum Masters.

“The United States remains the category’s most important market for premium Rum brands, and South Bay Rum is ideally positioned to take advantage of increased consumer interest in small batch, craftsman spirits,” said Alan Shayne, President, Spirit Imports, Inc., importers of South Bay Rum. “The precise combination of the Dominican Republic’s climate, soil and ingredients, together with our Cuban Rum Master’s experience, make South Bay Rum richly rewarding and one-of-a-kind.”

South Bay Rum is produced according to the Solera method in small batches, using matured rum from a wide range of hand-selected barrels. Each barrel – which formerly held bourbon, sherry, port or single malt Scotch whisky – imparts its own characteristics to the finished product. Blending these rums together produces South Bay Rum’s rich flavor and remarkably smooth finish – ideal for sipping or in classic cocktails.

“More than just another fun-rum that has dominated much of the category for so long, South Bay Rum is full bodied, rich and extraordinarily smooth and will appeal to consumers looking for a sophisticated sipping option,” added Shayne.

On the nose, South Bay Rum offers hits of vanilla, cream, ripe fruits, honey tawny port, sherry, caramel and toffee. Each sip begins with buttered rum candy then nutmeg and spices appear, followed by caramel and creamy vanilla flavors.

South Bay Rum (40% ABV) will be distributed in New York by Lieber Brothers; in Massachusetts by Abacus Distributing of Southbridge; in Texas by United Wine & Spirits of Houston and in South Carolina by Aleph Wine Corporation.

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