Stolichnaya vodka is to begin a new advertising push in the US, according to Andrey Skurikhin, a minority shareholder in owner SPI Group.

Skurikhin, who owns a stake in SPI alongside owner Yuri Sheffler, told just-drinks in an interview published today (26 August) that Stolichnaya needs to "rejuvenate" its appeal in order to grow.

"Stolichnaya is a brand everybody has in the back of their minds. What we need to do is revitalise Stolichnaya's image to make it more relevant for modern consumers," the New York-based Russian said. He declined to elaborate on what the theme of the new campaign would be.

Skurikhin previously told just-drinks that Stolichnaya was not for sale, despite press speculation to the contrary, and that SPI Group was seeking new distribution agreements in several markets.

Competition concerns mean Pernod Ricard, which currently owns the international distribution licence, must end its involvement following its takeover of Absolut vodka owner Vin & Sprit.

Skurikhin said Stolichnaya had around a 5% share of the US vodka market, its most important market, and was recording high single-digit growth rates in the country.

On SPI's dispute with the Russian government, Skurikhin said SPI continues to seek a "fair and just solution for both sides". He did not rule out the possibility of some kind of joint-venture deal with the authorities, in order to put an end to the saga.