Stoli Hot is a relaunch of a brand first released in 1962

Stoli Hot is a relaunch of a brand first released in 1962

SPI Group has launched its latest line of flavoured Stolichnaya vodka in the UK.

Unveiled in the US in March, Stoli Hot and Stoli Sticki will hit UK shelves next month, its UK distributor Maxxium announced on Tuesday (14 August). The brands, which celebrate the 50th anniversary of Stoli's first flavoured vodka, come in 70cl bottles and have an SRP of GBP19.02 (US$29.91). The US versions were in 75cl bottles.

They are updated versions of Stolichnaya Pertsovka (Pepper) and Okhotnichya (Honey and Herb), produced by Stolichnaya in 1962.

“Original flavours are an important part of the growth strategy for Stoli within the UK,” said Maxxium UK's marketing controller, Eileen Livingston.

“This is a priority market for SPI Group and reinforcing our heritage as the original flavoured vodka pioneer is key to the development of the brand."

Stolichnaya is at the centre of a long-running dispute between SPI and the Russian government over who owns the brand. Earlier this month, SPI called a Dutch court's ruling in favour of Russia's government "unfounded".