Spencerfield Spirit Company is set to relaunch two whiskies in the UK and international markets.

The company confirmed earlier this week that it has repackaged and reformulated Sheep Dip, a blend of single malts, and Pig's Nose, a blended Scotch, in the hope of appealing to younger experimental drinkers and "spirits iconoclasts".

"We are developing interesting, small brands with big personalities for customers who are disdainful of stuffy, pompous and over-serious whiskies," said Spencerfield's MD, Alex Nicol. "They want quality, they want fun and they want a relationship with their brands. The brands will grow through recommendation and by trial."

Sheep Dip is expected to retail at GBP23 (US$42) and Pig's Nose at GBP17.99. The two brands will be distributed in the UK by Malcolm Cowen.