Sonu Beverages has partnered with the distribution company Two B's to expand its presence into the metro New York City and Long Island areas in the US.

The company said yesterday (26 November) that, prior to launching its flagship water brand in the New Year, it has signed a distribution agreement with Two B's to build its exposure in the region.

Sonu Beverages COO Scott Abramson said: "Their (Two B's) fleet of 18 + Sonu-branded trucks; an expanded force of experienced sales representatives solely dedicated to Sonu; and their long-standing relationships servicing more than 14,000 key accounts will provide Sonu Beverages with the necessary tools and a unique opportunity to build significant brand exposure in the most influential market in the US."

Walter Miller of Two B's added: "Two B's is thrilled to work with Sonu Beverage's one-of-a-kind products, which have strong potential to cut through marketplace clutter in this brutally competitive market."

Sonu Beverages will launch its flagship vitamin-fortified water line, Sonu Water in mid-January.