The Australian Beverages Council (ABC) has today (29 August) published marketing guidelines for beverage bottlers in response to childhood obesity concerns.

The document, entitled the "Commitment Addressing Obesity and other Health & Wellness Issues" sets out a series of initiatives.

The ABC proposes that front-of-pack labelling should clearly indicate the energy content of all soft drinks marketed as single serves along with a nutritional panel detailing information the daily in-take of all major nutrients.

Sugar-sweetened drinks will not be advertised directly to children under the age of 12, the proposals said. In schools there will be a voluntary withdrawal of such drinks from all primary schools and at secondary level only provided upon request. Proposals on portion control to avoid over-consumption along with the introduction of low-calorie beverages are further commitments.

Tony Gentile, ABC chief executive, said the industry sees itself "very much as part of the solution in assisting consumers to make informed choices".