SodaStream Fizzi launched in the US this month

SodaStream Fizzi launched in the US this month

SodaStream has renamed its latest sparkling water maker ahead of a nation-wide launch in the US.

The company announced the machine earlier this year under the name Spirit. Earlier this week, SodaStream said the product would now roll out under the US-specific name Fizzi. 

The machine carries a lower price tag than the company's current machines - US$79.99 compared to $99 for the core Source product. "The Fizzi is also the company's slimmest, most space-efficient design, engineered with the modern kitchen, and dorm room, in mind," SodaStream said.

The company described the entry-level Fizzi's starter pack price as "consumer friendly".

"The Fizzi was developed to bring the ease and joy of preparing fresh sparkling water at home to more people at an accessible price point," said Daniel Birnbaum, SodaStream's CEO. "When you think of how much you'd pay for 60 litres of sparkling water from a store, you'd realise that the Fizzi is practically free."

Birnbaum said the move was a response to consumer trends towards sustainability and wellness.  

Earlier this year, the company said the entry-level machine would enjoy a global launch in 2017.