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SodaStream's SodaCaps flavour capsules

Category - Soft drinks

Available - From Q4 this year

Location - US expected to be initial market

Price - Information not yet available

SodaStream will unveil pre-measured syrup dispenser SodaCaps at the Milan Furniture Fair, which starts tomorrow (17 April). SodaCaps are an easier and faster way to flavour SodaStream drinks, according to the company.

SodaCaps can be recycled and are fully biodegradable.

A spokesperson for SodaStream said the company was not ready to announce where the product would be available or how much it would cost.

“We plan to roll them out towards the end of the year, and while we do expect that the US will be one of the initial markets, we aren't yet committing to any others,” said Yonah Lloyd, executive director for corporate development and communication at SodaStream.

SodaStream also announced the launch of Source, a sodamaker produced in partnership with Swiss designer Yves Behar that will retail at US$99 for the basic model.