SodaStream International is set to preview a stevia-based line of concentrates later this month, ahead of a global roll-out.

The company, which operates in 42 different markets, confirmed yesterday (5 March) that it will introduce its range of 12 flavours sweetened with stevia at the International Housewares Association convention in Chicago between 10 March and 13 March. The line will debut in the coming weeks in Europe, before launching in the US in the summer.

Flavours available will include diet cola, pink grapefruit, peach-pear, orange, lemon-lime and cranberry-apple. Each variant, when mixed with carbonated water, contains less than five calories per serving.

"Diet flavours sweetened naturally with stevia are another key milestone in our commitment to provide healthier alternatives to pre-packaged carbonated drinks," said SodaStream's CEO, Daniel Birnbaum. “We remain committed to continue empowering consumers with better, more innovative products."

Earlier this year, SodaStream signed a co-branding deal with Kraft Foods for the use of the latter's flavours in its soft drinks machines.