SoBe Beverages, producer of nutritionally-enhanced refreshment beverages, is targeting all UK snowboarding and winter sport enthusiasts with Lizard Blizzard, a limited edition dairy-based drink.

LizBliz, designed to keep all outdoor sport enthusiasts healthy and active throughout the long winter months, is enhanced with Vitamin C, Echinacea, (a herb with blood purifying qualities), considered to be one of the leading cold and flu remedy's in health food stores, and zinc, a mineral known to enhance the overall well-being of the immune system.

"LizBliz is another great example of how SoBe is giving retailers something different that focuses on fun and health at the same time," said John Bello, president of SoBe.

The company's package design features the legendary duelling lizards representing the yin/yang of life, and the bottles are of sculpted glass with the lizard embossed on the neck.

LizBliz is already a huge success with the US snowboard community. The drink retails at £1.50 (591ml) and will be available at all leading convenience stores and the UK's Sainsbury's in November.

The official UK launch is planned for November 10th -12th at the Daily Telegraph Board X - the UK's only snowboard/music festival at Battersea Park, London.