Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages has launched a collection of Snapple green teas in the US that contain the antioxidant EGCG and help boost metabolism, it claims.

The teas, available in Original, Mango and Asian Pear flavours, have 55mg of the antioxidant per bottle, fitting in with the brand's "good for you" marketing platform.

Snapple Green Teas hit the US market next month in 17.5 ounce bottles and will retail at US$1.39, with a diet green tea scheduled for release this September.

Snapple vice president of marketing Holly Mensch said: "The development of Green Teas with EGCG is an important one, as consumers look for more out of their foods and beverages. They want pure, all-natural, high quality ingredients with great taste and real functional benefits - Snapple Green Tea is a perfect fit.

"Less than a third of consumers are aware of EGCG, and only 5% know that consuming green tea can boost metabolism."