Snapple is set to launch a major new campaign next month.  'Snapple Says' is an integrated in-store, on-pack and outdoor media campaign designed to drive customers in-store.

At the heart of the campaign is an instant win promotion across 1.8m packs with prizes including Piaggio scooters, Sony Ericsson camera-phones and mini-fridges.  Nine pack flashes will communicate the prizes to be won. The campaign signals Snapple's first on-pack promotion in the UK.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Snapple said: "The campaign reflects our confidence in the Snapple brand and we expect to see significant growth in demand as it impacts on consumers' buying patterns."

Snapple stockists will be supplied with POS kits, while sales teams will be visiting stores to talk about the promotion, and give away merchandise including Snapple Says branded clothing.
The in-store activity will be supported by a four-week media campaign, which will start at the beginning of June. This includes an ad campaign on London Underground, lamppost boards, scooter media, and sticker-sheet distribution in central London. 

A bespoke website has also been devised to support the programme -