Snapple has added 'Classic Black Teas' to the brand's ready-to-drink 'Good for You' line of beverages.

The Cadbury Schweppes-owned range features hot tea flavours including English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Orange Pekoe. The company said today (26 June) that its brewed tea drinks are "good for you" offering "protective antioxidants."

Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages vice president and general manager, Bryn Mazur, said:  "The combination of quality ingredients and time-honoured flavours found in the Classic Black Tea line result in a truly unique experience that is sure to please lovers of authentic English tea."

Snapple's other tea offerings in its ready-to-drink category already include regular and diet Green Tea, Red Tea and White Tea.

Snapple Classic Black Teas will be available in 1.5oz bottles and will retail at US$1.39.