Scottish & Newcastle is poised to relaunch Newcastle Brown Ale in the UK. The brewer was quick to play down press reports in the Sunday Times in Scotland yesterday (12 June) suggesting that the new push will include a draught version of the bottled beer.

The move follows a US$10m marketing campaign in the US for Newcastle Brown Ale, the paper noted. Around US$4m was spent on promoting the draught version in the country. S&N pointed out to just-drinks, however, that the emphasis in the UK would be on direct support for the current bottled version of Newcastle Brown.

When contacted by just-drinks, a spokeswoman for S&N was unable to give specific details for the campaign. "Plans are still being finalised," she told just-drinks.

Although full details were not forthcoming, the spokeswoman did confirm that part of the campaign will centre round a GBP2m regional advertising campaign in poster and print form throughout the summer.

Newcastle Brown Ale in draught form is presently only available in the UK in a handful of pubs located around the beer's source on Tyneside, north England.