Scottish & Newcastle has said that it has "nothing to talk about" with prospective buyers Carlsberg and Heineken.

Speaking at a presentation for Baltic Beverages Holding, S&N's joint venture with Carlsberg, the UK company said today (7 November) that, following the rejection of a conditional proposal from Carlsberg and Heineken late last month, there was nothing left for the parties to discuss at the moment.

Carlsberg said earlier today that it wanted to discuss the situation further with S&N.

"They (Carlsberg and Heineken) made a conditional proposal," said S&N's CFO, Ian McHoul. "We rejected it because it substantially undervalued the business. We've got nothing to talk about.

"We can't comment on what they may or may not do (in the future)."

The BBH joint venture today posted an 18.2% lift in operating profit for the three months to the end of September, coming in at EUR232m (US$340.4m). Sales for the quarter were up by 28.3% year-on-year at EUR878m.

When pressed on more detailed financial information for BBH going forward, McHoul said: "We are extremely happy with the performance of this business. We are also extremely happy with the outlook.

"However, we are prohibited under the confidentiality clauses in our shareholder agreement to give financial information in relation to next year. We'd be happy to waive the confidentiality clauses, but I suspect that Carlsberg won't. I'd be delighted if I'm wrong."