Scottish & Newcastle has unveiled a fresh television advertising campaign for its Strongbow cider brand in the UK.

The company said yesterday (19 March) that the advert, entitled 'A-a-a-h-h', will hit the UK this week, and will focus on "the first pint moment".

The ad opens with three men in a bar ordering two lagers and a Strongbow. The two lager drinkers exhale and sigh. The Strongbow drinker's satisfied 'A-a-a-h-h' continues for the rest of the ad and finishes with him asking if anyone wants crisps.

"The new proposition for the advertising campaign focuses on first pint refreshment," said Stephen Mosey, marketing manager for ciders at S&N UK. "It is a consumer truth that drinkers let out a short "a-a-a-h- h" of satisfaction after the first sip of a thirst-quenching drink and this provided us with a powerful insight that Strongbow drinkers can really relate to in the new advertising."

The new creative forms part of a GBP27m (US$53m) marketing investment programme that S&N said it is putting behind the Strongbow brand in 2007.