Scottish & Newcastle UK has unveiled a television advertising campaign for its new Foster's Twist drink.

The company said yesterday (21 August) that the advert - entitled 'Laidback' - will begin running in the UK from tomorrow. The ad features people drinking and dancing at a beach bar while all walking at a 45-degree angle.

The endframe shows a bottle of Foster's Twist in a 45-degree position with the strapline, 'Foster's Twist - the laid back lager'.

"Foster's Twist is designed to appeal to 22-28 year old men and women who are looking for a lighter, more refreshing bottled lager," said Phil McTeer, brand manager for Foster's at Scottish & Newcastle UK. " During the first burst of the campaign, 85% of all 18-34 men will see the ad, which is more than double the amount of men who watched the FA Cup Final."

Scottish & Newcastle announced the launch of Foster's Twist in April, just a week after gaining full control of the brand in Europe. The company, which paid Foster's GBP309m (US$584m) for the rights to the brand in Europe, Russia and parts of the CIS, said at the time that it would launch the citrus-flavoured drink immediately after the World Cup.

In July, Carlsberg followed the citrus trend with the launch of Carlsberg Edge in the UK.