A television advert for Diageo's Smirnoff vodka brand has escaped a ban in the UK following complaints to the country's advertising watchdog.

The advert was backed by the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) today (9 December), after allegations from two viewers that the promotion was irresponsible.

Diageo launched the advert as part of its Smirnoff "Be There" campaign.

It showed a group attending a gig at a disused former underground station. One of the musicians opens a cello case to reveal bottles of Smirnoff vodka and is then shown pouring vodka into a glass on a makeshift bar.

"We all wanted to try something completely different. It was extraordinary. I'll never forget being there," said a voice-over.

The complainants argued that the advert suggested vodka could enhance mood and performance.

But, this was thrown out by the ASA. It said the musicians and audience were excited and upbeat from the start of the advert and that it did not show alcohol being consumed.

"We considered that alcohol was not shown to be essential to the success of the event," the watchdog said.