Diageo is preparing a multi-platform global campaign for its Smirnoff vodka brand.

The campaign, entitled 'Signature', began its run yesterday (9 April) in Ireland, with a global roll-out in July, and includes a television advert, outdoor ads and a website.

"The 'Signature' campaign celebrates one of the most fascinating stories in our industry," said Philip Gladman, Smirnoff global brand director. "Smirnoff vodka is still made in the tradition of the process used by Vladimir Smirnoff's father, Piotr Arseneyevich Smirnoff, almost 150 years ago - and yet it has undergone a truly dramatic journey since its birth. By telling this extraordinary story through Vladimir Smirnoff's eyes, we are able to bring to life the brand's Imperial Russian heritage and highlight the great lengths to which we go to achieve such an exceptional vodka.

"We wanted to engage people with the brand by illustrating the dramatic journey it has undergone - most people know Smirnoff as one of the biggest brands in the world, but few people know the epic story behind the brand."

The television commercial will air as two 30-second spots, with a 60-second version airing in cinemas.