Slush Puppies Tango Ice Blast flavours

Slush Puppie's Tango Ice Blast flavours

Slush Puppie's Tango Ice Blast flavours 

Category - soft drinks

Available - From this Summer

Location - UK 

Price - TBC

Ice drinks company Slush Puppie will launch four new Tango Ice Blast flavours in the UK this summer:

  • Pina Coco'lada is the brand's first coconut flavour. It will be exclusive to Cineworld cinemas
  • Lemon Fizz is a lemon sherbert drink. It will be exclusive to Vue cinemas
  • Pineapple flavour is exclusive to Odeon cinemas
  • Punchy Peach and Passionfruit will be available at all Tango Ice Blast sites throughout August.

The launches will be boosted by activations including sampling, photo booths and free gifts. 

The move follows last November's edible bubble version of Tango Ice Blast. Slush Puppie owns the distribution rights to Tango Ice Blast in the UK as part of a deal with Britvic. 

Earlier this month, Britvic launched an "incubator" company to develop soft drinks for adult consumers that don't want to drink alcohol.

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Today, Slush Puppie brand, Tango Ice Blast has announced they will be launching four new limited edition flavours for summer 2016: Pina Coco'lada, Lemon Fizz, Pineapple and Punchy Peach and Passionfruit.

  • Pina Coco'lada, Tango Ice Blast's first coconut flavour will run throughout summer as an exclusive flavour for Cineworld cinemas.
  • Lemon Fizz is available as an exclusive flavour to VUE cinemas this summer. The lemon sherbet drink is set to whizz out of cinema, leaving consumers with a fizz on their tongues.
  • Pineapple is available as an exclusive flavour to ODEON cinemas. This Rio inspired flavour truly encompassed summer in a drink with a fresh and fruity taste.
  • Punchy Peach and Passionfruit will remain as this year's headlining Rio inspired flavour and will only be available in August in all of Tango Ice Blast sites*.

On top of this, the Tango Ice Blast team will be bringing a summer festival frenzy to Cinema foyers as they tour with the Summer Flavour Festival. Cinema goers will experience a variety of activities such as photo booth fun, free goody bags, and a chance to sample new flavours; it is guaranteed to be a festival fun vibe!

Charlotte Chenneour, Junior brand Manager from Slush Puppie comments, "We're always finding new ways to innovate Tango Ice Blast flavours to satisfy our fans and to give the Tango Ice Blast brand strong standout not only through vibrant eye-catching colour but great tasting fun innovative flavours". She continued "We're really proud of the new summer inventive twists and new flavour range we are able to offer our cinema estate and we're excited for our fans to discover these latest creations."

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