Singha Beer is looking to up its profile in the US through the sponsorship of two upcoming events in and around Washington DC.

The beer brand, owned by Thailand-based Boon Rawd Brewery, will back tomorrow's (21 July) Asian Festival in Reston, Virginia, and will also be the official beer at the Women's Legg Mason Tennis Classic between 28 July and 5 August in Washington.

The promotional push forms part of a campaign to persuade Americans that Singha is the beer to drink with all types of spicy Asian cuisine, the company said.

"Singha is an obvious, ideal accompaniment to Thai food, but we want everyone to see how it's a compliment to all Asian cuisine," said Trachoo Kanchanasatitya, marketing communication director for Boon Rawd.

"These type of events create access and opportunities for Thai players to improve their skill and play in the world arena. We also understand that the Asian population has a strong presence in D.C., therefore our goal is to build awareness of the Singha Brand within this community. Both of these events will help promote the ties between Asians, Americans, and other ethnic group and also create symbiotic benefits between the cities' tourism."