Click through to view SHS Groups Bottlegreen Coffee & Blackcurrant cordial

Click through to view SHS Group's Bottlegreen Coffee & Blackcurrant cordial

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SHS Group's Bottlegreen Coffee & Blackcurrant cordial

Category - Soft drink, cordial

Available - From next month

Location - UK, off-trade, exclusively in Waitrose stores

Price – RRP of GBP3.15 (US$5) per 50cl bottle

Distribution - SHS Group

SHS Group has lined up the release of what it claims is the world's only coffee-flavoured cordial. Bottlegreen Coffee & Blackcurrant will be available in the UK and will be promoted as a cordial that can be drunk both hot and cold.

The company hopes to calm possible reticence from consumers by offering a 'taste guarantee'. Neck collars will offer a product swap “for those who don't love the new flavour”.

SHS bought a majority stakehold in Bottlegreen Holdings in 2011.

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As the cold season descends, bottlegreen launches a warming and unique flavour to the leading cordial range.

Exclusive to Waitrose from October, the new 500ml cordial (RRP£3.15) is a distinctive pairing of blackcurrant and coffee.

The inventive flavour experts at bottlegreen play on the main attributes of coffee’s smooth, distinct and smoky notes, which enhance the juicy blackcurrant flavour. The blend delivers a full bodied and aromatic drink, recommended to enjoy hot, but equally as delicious cold.

The blackcurrant and coffee pairing has been lovingly composed using a bespoke process and the finest ingredients free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. Made in the UK using traditional winemaking techniques, the cordial is blended with clear spring water to create the perfect balance of flavours. 

Ed Wright, Flavour Expert at bottlegreen comments: “Using blackcurrant draws out the sweet tones in the coffee, perfectly paired to deliver a decadent drink with a bit of zing! The process of creating such a unique flavour mix is started by drizzling hot water over roasted, ground coffee and then left to rest for optimum time. This is then filtered and combined with blackcurrant juice made from quality blackcurrants.”

Blackcurrant and coffee joins the range of cordials that includes the indispensable elderflower, unique ginger and lemongrass and sublime apple and plum – to name a few. For those who don’t love the new flavour (though unlikely!), bottlegreen will offer a Taste Guarantee to consumers. Neck collars on selected bottles will allow consumers to swap the new flavour for a different flavour cordial via the bottlegreen website.

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