Click through to view SHS Drinks’ WKD Green and WKD Orange

Click through to view SHS Drinks’ WKD Green and WKD Orange

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SHS Drinks’ WKD Orange, WKD Green

Category - RTD, 4% abv

Available - From next month

Location - UK, on-trade. Initial exclusive in Yates’s with roll-out to key accounts from June

Price - RRP of GBP3 (US$4.60) per 27.5cl bottle

Distribution - SHS Sales & Marketing

SHS Drinks has added two further variants to its WKD RTD range in the UK. The company, which also owns Merrydown Cider and the Shloer adult soft drink brand, said earlier this week that WKD Orange and WKD Green will roll out across the UK on-trade next month.

The two additions will “refer to the colour of the liquids rather than a specific fruit flavour … in keeping with the WKD brand style.”

Earlier this week, SHS unveiled an addition to its Merrydown stable, Merrydown Medium Cider.

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WKD, Britain’s top-selling RTD brand1, is set to get even bigger with the launch of two new variants – WKD Orange and WKD Green.

The two new lines are making their debut in Yates’s outlets with availability being extended to key accounts during the coming months.

The launch will be supported through a social media campaign, tailormade support to create excitement in-outlet and provision of free POS materials to stockists.  POS items will bear a selection of WKD hallmark straplines such as ‘WKD A L’ORANGE.  HOW POSH ARE WE? and ‘THE MOST GREENEST DRINK EVER.’.

Both WKD Orange and WKD Green will have the same 4% ABV and the same recommended retail price as their stable mates and each variant will be available in cases of 24 x 275ml bottles.

The latest move from SHS Drinks aims to increase the popularity of the brand even further – WKD is already the second ‘most preferred’ alcohol brand amongst 18 to 25-year olds2 –by offering WKD in two of the most popular RTD styles.3

WKD generates £125 million-worth of sales annually in the on-trade4, and it accounts for a 29% share of total on-trade RTD category sales4.  While WKD is continuing to perform well – sales have increased by 3% in the latest 12 months4 - SHS Drinks believes offering a wider range of options will open up further opportunities to grow the brand.

Debs Carter, WKD’s Marketing Director at SHS Drinks, says: “The orange sector accounts for £30 million-worth of RTD sales a year and is showing year on year growth rates of +47%, while apple RTD sales are worth £18 million a year and have grown by 71% in the past 12 months.3   However, in keeping with the WKD brand style, WKD Orange and WKD Green will refer to the colour of the liquids rather than a specific fruit flavour.”  

Carter adds: “We have consistently invested in creative and innovative marketing support for WKD and as a result consumers have a much greater affinity with WKD than other RTD brands.2 WKD is the RTD brand of choice amongst 18 to 25-year-olds and it ranks as the second ‘most preferred’ alcohol brand in this consumer group – sandwiched in-between Smirnoff Vodka and Foster’s lager.2

“Both WKD Orange and WKD Green were very positively received by consumer research groups5 and we are confident that by providing consumers with a wider choice of WKD variants will serve to increase the appeal of the brand even further.”

Jonathan Royle, Yates’s Senior Marketing Manager, says:  “WKD is by far our biggest-selling RTD brand and we are delighted that our bars will be the first to stock these two new WKD lines.

“WKD has a proven track record in investing in and developing the RTD category and we welcome the opportunity to offer a wider WKD range to our customers.”

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* Recommended Retail Price

Original source: Company Release