The UK's oldest brewer, Shepherd Neame, has updated the packaging of two of its key brands to boost domestic sales.
New bottle labels and pump clips for its flagship Spitfire Premium Kentish Ale will be introduced, at the same time as a new font and embossed glassware is launched for Dutch lager Oranjeboom Pilsener.

The Spitfire design will feature more red on its logo and larger pump clips with bevelled edges angled towards the consumer's eye-line.  Bottles will have smart pressure sensitive labeling (PSL) and more information about Spitfire, along with tasting notes.

In addition, Spitfire adverts will show the previous branding and new version side-by-side with the straplines V1 and V2.

Shepherd Neame chief executive, Jonathan Neame, said: "Spitfire has gone from strength-to-strength and robustly bucks the trend of a declining ale category." 
A new "continental" font is being used to help distinguish it from mainstream lagers at the bar. Embossed glassware has also been designed, giving greater prominence to the lager's namesake, the orange tree, symbolizing the Dutch royal family tree. 

"Oranjeboom has proved a real success story.  Retailers are looking to offer consumers an alternative to mainstream lagers and our investment ensures Oranjeboom fills that niche," Neame added.