Joining the likes of pop singer Cliff Richard, golf star Greg Norman and film doyen Francis Ford Coppola, cricketing legend Shane Warne is to launch his own wine label.

Consisting of two mid-priced wines - one red, one white - The Shane Warne Collection, as it is to be called, will be released in Australia at the end of October.

The wines will be produced by the family-owned Zilzie winery in Victoria.

Warne, is one of the most successful Test match bowlers in the history of the game but experienced an alarming dip in form in recent years. However n the last 12 months he has looked much more like his former self. A great deal of this return to form has been put down to a high profile weight loss and fitness regime - he shed around 14kg (over two stone). Part of the diet was a switch from his well- loved beer to wine.

The Warne Collection will retail at around the A$15 (£6) mark, a competitive market but one in which experts believe Warne can be a success.

Talking to the BBC, James Ormond, a Melbourne lawyer specialising in the wine industry, said the price of Warne's involvement could be up to 25% of the retail value. "It's a very competitive market but other prominent labels have done well by taking a AUS$12 wine and packaging it as something more expensive," he said. It's going to appeal to novice drinkers who are just learning about wine but when faced with a thousand different labels still have to make a choice.

"They'll say: 'If it's good enough for Warney, it's good enough for me'."