France to lift 1915 ban on absinthe

France to lift 1915 ban on absinthe

France's Senate has voted to officially lift a ban on absinthe in the country that has lasted for almost 100 years.

Senators last week voted in favour of lifting the ban, according to absinthe company La Fée Absinthe, which welcomed the decision.

Assuming the law is given presidential approval - normally a formality in France - it will enable producers to label their drinks as 'absinthe' for the first time since 1915. Since 1999, French producers have exploited a loophole in the law by labelling their drinks as 'spirit infused with absinthe plants'.

"We are delighted to see France re-embrace absinthe," said La Fée's MD, George Rowley.

La Fée has been working with the French Spirits Federation (FFS) to lobby for a repeal of the absinthe ban.