A report by Azerbaijani newspaper Azarbaycan claims suspicions that Zam Zam water was unfit for drinking were corroborated after sanitary and chemical tests were taken.

The report claims that the National Security Ministry (NSM) last year received information about the harmful effects of Zam-Zam water bottled by the Azerbaijani-Saudi-Jordanian Baku Beverages joint stocked company.

Azarbaycan continued to report that samples of Zam-Zam water were sent to the Scientific and Research Medical Prophylactic Institute under the Health Ministry of the Azerbaijani Republic. It claims that experts believe that the amount of mineral substances in Sollar spring water was sharply reduced and brought to the level of distilled water for technical purposes.

Prolonged use of the distilled spring water by consumer can result in metabolic disorders, lowered resistance to diseases and other side effects.

The findings of the case have been forwarded to the Interior Ministry.

Sarah Diston