UK: Screwcaps suffer from "rotten eggs" smell - study

By | 16 January 2007

Tests in the UK have reportedly shown that one in 50 bottles of wine sealed with screw caps could be ruined by sulphidisation.

The UK-based International Wine Challenge event has tested tens of thousands of wines from around the world and found 2.2% of screw top bottles were affected by the problem, which leads to a smell of rotten eggs emanating from the bottle.

The figures, reported in UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph today (16 January), could cast doubt on claims by some winemakers that screw tops are more reliable than cork.

A number of wine producers have transferred a selection of their labels into screw cap. Pernod Ricard, which owns Jacob's Creek, has said it plans to sell the Australian brand under screw cap in the UK this year.

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UK: Screwcaps suffer from "rotten eggs" smell - study

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While the exact cause of this problem may be due to winemaking, filling, and/or screw caps the idea that screw caps are a perfect seal is totally false. As a closure/packaging chemist with 25 years experience, I have tested screw caps in the last 3 years with extremely poor barrier properties and extremely poor consistency. There is no reason for this other than lack of commitment or knowledge by the closure manufactures and lack of experience or knowledge by people using them. The inconsistency problems can be easily corrected. The idea that screw caps do not allow oxygen into the bottle to develop the wine (if desired) is also short sighted, liners can be used that will allow different amounts of oxygen into the bottle. Saranex liners are reportedly ment to allow some oxygen in while tin liners do not, data has shown that if working properly, both are exceptional barriers. The Saranex is "breathing by semi-controled failure, no two bottles are the same.

See my article in Practical Winery & Vineyard this month on Oxygen Measurement during and after filling.



packaging tech said at 9:53 pm, January 22, 2007

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