Screwcap closures for aromatic white wines have moved into the retailing mainstream following trials by the UK supermarket chain Tesco and Australia's industry leader Southcorp.

Tesco product development manager Phil Reedman said one month after its inception, the six-month trial, including almost 250,000 cases from the Southcorp stable, had found a high level of consumer acceptance.

Reedman said the majority of wines in the trial were whites but there had been equal acceptance of reds.

Southcorp managing director Chris Hancock said the company had decided all its 2002 Rieslings would have BVS aluminium screwcaps. This covered the Penfolds, Rosemount, Lindemans, Wynns, Queen Adelaide and Leo Buring brands.

Southcorp expected to produce 220,000 cases across the six brands for sale worldwide.

The Southcorp move follows the shift to screwcap by producers in Australia's Clare Valley and a group of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc winemakers. This has progressively been adopted by other Australian wineries including Orlando Wyndham owned by the French Pernod Ricard group.