Scotch exports rose in 2009, despite South Koreas best efforts

Scotch exports rose in 2009, despite South Korea's best efforts

Global exports of Scotch whisky reached record levels last year, according to recent figures, despite a drag in the Asia region.

Citing HM Revenue & Customs data and individual company declarations, the Scotch Whisky Association said this morning (15 April) that total exports of Scotch were up in value terms by 3% year-on-year in 2009, to GBP3.13bn (US$4.83bn).

Export volumes increased by 4% worldwide, with the equivalent of 1.1bn 70cl bottles of Scotch shipped.

The association credited the US – up by 13% - and Brazil – with growth of 44% - as driving the industry's performance. In Asia, however, exports fell by 9% in value terms, thanks to a steep 24% drop in export values to South Korea.

The association's chairman, CEO of Diageo Paul Walsh described the performance in 2009 as “impressive”, adding: “The industry is continuing to invest and sustain its efforts to secure fair access to export markets. We look to the next UK Government to work with us to build on Scotch Whisky’s success in the future.”