Johnnie Walker, the Diageo-owned Scotch brand, announced today that Martin Scorsese the director of Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and Goodfellas will star in the next international 'Keep Walking' television and cinema ad for the brand.

According to the company, the new film features clips of De Niro from Taxi Driver. It is the latest in the series of ads that have also featured Harvey Keitel and Roberto Baggio. The theme of the ads encourages people to 'Keep Walking' to achieve their dreams.
Diageo said: "Scorsese was invited to star because of the remarkable series of achievements that represents his life and career so far. He has become one of the most influential and significant filmmakers of all time and has achieved all this through his own perseverance, determination and courage, all values that Johnnie Walker endorses through the Keep Walking campaign."

In another coup for Diageo Tony Scott has agreed to direct the ad. A friend of Scorsese, Scott is famous for making films such as Top Gun, True Romance, Enemy of the State, Crimson Tide, Days of Thunder and Beverly Hills Cop II.

Stephen Morley, global brand director of Johnnie Walker said:: "We are delighted that Scorsese has agreed to star in the next Johnnie Walker film. He is an extremely inspiring example of what a person can achieve when they have the courage and determination to fulfill their dreams. People all over the world include his films among their favourite films of all time. For the ad to be directed by such an accomplished director as Tony Scott and a friend of Scorsese will make this a truly exceptional piece of communication."

The ad will first be aired in Greece, which is one of the biggest markets for Johnnie Walker in mid March