As part of its leadership strategy in the wine and spirits business, Schieffelin & Somerset, importer and distributor of prestigious brands such as Moet & Chandon, Hennessy, Tanqueray, Johnnie Walker, and Ruffino, has developed a trade communications website designed to provide its sales force, authorized U.S. distributors, and members of the trade, with access to product information, visuals and other sales tools to help promote Schieffelin & Somerset Co.'s wine and spirit brands. The site,, is intended to be both informative and motivating by presenting a wealth of data in a visually pleasing and easy-to- navigate format. Technically and graphically sophisticated, establishes Schieffelin & Somerset Co. as an industry leader in Web technology.

According to John Esposito, President & CEO of Schieffelin & Somerset, "Our product portfolio speaks for itself. As the name behind all of those great labels, Schieffelin & Somerset has always been an industry leader in sales, marketing and promotion. It was our responsibility to take the lead in technology and new channel marketing. The time and resources we put into the development of really speaks to our commitment to the future of the wine and spirits business."

The site was developed and designed in partnership with VC Consulting Group, Inc., of Lansdale, Pennsylvania, and required very close cooperation between the two companies. VC Group's president and founder Vincent E. Coll, Jr., Ph.D. said, "There was a very clear directive to produce the most comprehensive communications platform in order to manage knowledge across all channels of distribution."

In addition to providing background about Schieffelin & Somerset, offering links to all the company's wine and spirit brand commercial sites, and e-mail access to each product's brand group, the site offers open access to Weekly Brand Headlines; Weekly Industry News; Frequently Asked Questions; Brand Web Boards; a Locator of Distributors by Brand and by Market; a Trade Survey; Registration for an e-Newsletter; and Career Opportunities.

A number of features have been added to enhance productivity, both personally and professionally: A Market Center allows visitors to request stock quotes, evaluate stock performance, and look up stock name abbreviations. Site visitors may also download Data Detective(TM) PC Search, a powerful search engine that allows users to locate documents on their PCs based on file content.

Additionally, there is a password protected Authorized Access Area, which offers a comprehensive Product Directory with extensive sales support information for every product; a US Concepts Calendar with information on every promotional event running across the country; a Brand Knowledge Suite which functions as a comprehensive tutorial on each brand; a True Type fLogos/Font Installer for every logo and bottle image - completely new technology, developed specifically for Schieffelin & Somerset by VCG; a Site Search; and a link to the National Accounts Site.

The web site was developed using a variety of tools, and is powered by a SQL Server database. It is being hosted in Moorestown, NJ on a Windows NT server with multiple T3 access. It opens with a Macromedia Flash introduction. Stock quote feed is from Reddi-News. Web Trends Web Log Analysis will enable extensive site statistic gathering and analysis. The site will be updated monthly to provide current product information, reviews and sales tools to keep distributors up-to-date on the latest developments on each of the Schieffelin & Somerset Co. brands.

According to Charles Gill, Director of New Channel Marketing at Schieffelin & Somerset, "This site is really a breakthrough in knowledge management not only for our industry, but for any industry. It flattens the communication channels, and enables everyone to work with the same tools. Instead of information having to be passed down the management hierarchy and out into the field, our sales people, our distributors, and our accounts can now have instant access to it."

First opened as a small apothecary in lower Manhattan in 1794, Schieffelin & Somerset Co. has developed into one of the leading importers of premium wines and spirits in the United States. Today it is co-owned by two of the world's most prestigious conglomerates, Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) and Diageo. The S&S Co. portfolio includes such products as Hennessy, Dom Perignon, Moet & Chandon, Chandon Estates, Tanqueray, Johnnie Walker, Grand Marnier, J&B, Royal Lochnagar, Pinch, Cardhu, Buchanan's, The Classic Malts, Ruffino, Casa Lapostolle, and Chateau de Sancerre. Headquartered in New York City, the Company maintains eight regional offices in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, Florida, Georgia, Texas, and northern and southern California.

The Features

Macromedia Flash Introduction with graphics and music including logos
and labels of S&S Co. products


Feature Description
Links Links to ten product sites
Web Boards Individual Web boards for all products, administered
by S&S Co.
FAQs Individual FAQs for all products
E-Newsletter E-Newsletter sign-up (visitors may ask to be on a
mailing list for industry news)
Survey Visitors may participate in a survey of industry
Locate Distributor Visitors may enter the product of interest and the
state and get back a formatted list of distributors
of that product.
Free Download Site visitors may download Data Detective, a utility
program that allows them to index their pc contents
and perform rapid and powerful searches. This is a
very nice product and a very nice bonus for site
Careers Site visitors may apply for a variety of open
positions at S&S Co., and email their resumes to the
HR department. Administered by S&S Co.
Market Center Allows visitors to request a stock quote. They get
back a table and a graph showing stock
performance. Also ability to look up a stock name
Industry News Administered by S&S Co. Brief industry news
summaries and links to stories elsewhere on the
Brand Headlines Teasers about information to be found inside the
password protected area
Password Apply/
Authenticate Site visitors may apply for a login name and password
to enter the password protected area. Only visitors
who supply a valid company name will be allowed to
obtain a password and log in.


Feature Description
Product Directory Extensive sales support information for every
product. Many items are downloadable.
Bottle shot
Product name
Advertising mandatory
Tasting notes
Point of Sale
Sales Support
Calendar This is a link to the US Concepts Events site with a
complete calendar of S&S events in the US.
Brand Knowledge
Suite See Below
S&S True Type
Font Installer Visitors may download and install a program that will
in turn install one or many fLogos on their local
computer. Flogos may be used as ad slicks, and are
logos and black and white bottle images, etc. All of
the images are related to S&S Co. brands.
Site Search Allows the visitor to search the site.
National Account
Site A link to the National Account Site.


Brand Knowledge
Suite Extensive information about each brand, incorporating
background information and generous graphics such as
winery and distillery images and labels.
The Tradition
The Story
The Making Of
The Taste
The Market
The Competition
Key Selling Points
Test Your Knowledge