Distell-owned cider brand Savanna has increased year-on-year volume sales by 133% in the UK market, attributed by the company to increased distribution, heavy marketing support and the buoyant cider sector.

The South African brand, originally introduced into the UK five years ago, is now listed in over UK 1,000 retail outlets including Tesco, Somerfield, Spar, Threshers and Nando's restaurants, Distell said yesterday (10 October).

Savanna's marketing, using the brand's strapline 'Experience the difference', includes cinema advertising, and localised advertising and promotional campaigns to support retailers.

Chris Bowen, director of UK distributors Babco, said: "The demand for cider is on the increase, drunk primarily by the 18- to 30-year-old audience, and retailers are increasingly ensuring that they offer a comprehensive choice which, of course, includes Savanna."

The Savanna brand is also sold in Italy, Germany, Ireland and the US.